With a holding capacity of 300 litres, the X09 offers customers the ability to store and transport food for large quantities of people. Its spacious compartments allow cooked food to be stored for long periods of time and can be used to transport across shorter distances. Above all, X09 has the coveted feature of adaptability. It can fit a Bain Marie of any size and shape, making it desirable, especially in the hotel industry.


  • Detachable doors for unloading pans and cleaning with ease
  • Ergonomic handles positioned for easy transportation
  • Airtight with changeable gasket locks
  • Thick foam core insulation
  • Strong durable trolley with high modulus ebonite caster
  • Stackable for convenience and space utility
  • High loading capacity
  • 8 compartments with space for 48 trays


uccess Story:

The X09 has been successfully implemented at a famous hospital in Hyderabad, where patients’ food is stored hygienically after being prepared in the base kitchen. The storage facility has ensured that food can be kept in an organized, hygienic, and fresh manner, and has been implemented across various floors of the hospital. It has also been used by leading five star hotel chains in India, for outdoor catering and to carry Bain Maries of differing shapes and sizes.


  • Transport and storage of dry snacks (puffs, pastries, samosas)
  • Transport and storage of semi fluid items
  • Transport and storage of marinated meats (cold)
  • Transport and storage of rice
  • Transport cakes and pastries
  • Can adjust to any size, for multiple requirements


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