X-Series: Insulated Food Pan Carriers, Front Loading

X-Series: Insulated Food Pan Carriers, Front Loading

T-Series: Insulated Food Barrels & Containers



L-Series: Insulated Ice Box

  • Maintain desired temperature for hours with optimum hygiene.
  • Maximum utilization of space while storage and transportation.
  • Elegant visual appeal and presentation on any hospitality events.
  • Enables you to deliver your quality products in a presentable and hygienic way.
  • German Technology
  • Made out of A grade HDPE food grade material
  • Thick foam core insulation prevents temperature loss for hours maintains consistent temperature hot/cold without losing aroma, taste or characteristics with optimum hygiene.
  • Airtight with changeable sealing inner gaskets locks.
  • Available with gasket and without gasket, stair step groove design helps heat retention to the maximum.
  • Detachable doors for loading of pans and easy cleaning.
  • Ergonomic handle positioned on different safety height which makes convenient and easier transportation with food load.
  • Strong and durable trolley with print less, high modulus ebonite caster.
  • Designed to equip Go carts.
  • Stackable to maximum height for minimum space and easy/convenient transportation.
  • Easily washable and stain free.
  • Eco-friendly non-fading UV resistant.
  • Will not crack, rust or sag.
  • Microwavable polycarbonate pans and GN or SS pans available as per customer choice.