Catering for events such as weddings, parties, corporate dining facilities and industrial catering and transport to several restaurant chains… these are just some of the uses of the non-electric pan carrier. Its sleek design, and capacity allows it to easily transport food, either cold or hot, from crispy puffs to marinatedkebabs. The container is immune to cracks, sagging, and rusting and is an absolute necessity for elegant and hygienic presentation, temperature maintenance and maximum flavour retention.

Features include:

  • Detachable doors for unloading pans and cleaning with ease
  • Ergonomic handles positioned for easy transportation
  • Airtight with changeable gasket locks
  • Thick foam core insulation
  • Strong durable trolley with high modulus ebonite caster
  • Stackable for convenience and space utility
  • High loading capacity
  • Provision for go-cart


Success Story:

Our X04 carrier has been successfully used in big brands across India, from notable bakeries in Kerala and Hyderabad, to iconic biriyani joints, who all find that their food is as fresh and presentable as when they first made it!


  • Transport and storage of dry snacks (puffs, pastries, samosas, donuts, and tandoor dishes)
  • Transport and storage of semi fluid items
  • Transport and storage of marinated meats (cold)
  • Transport and storage of rice
  • Transport cakes and pastries


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