Equipped with a display that shows the temperature, the XO5 is a non-electric pan carrier, which maintains optimum temperature and flavour for use in large quantities. Temperatures can be constantly monitored through a digital display system, ensuring that your product is consistently warm (or cold) throughout.  What makes X05 special is that it has 25% more volume than any traditional pan carrier. It is truly the container for all occasions.


  • Detachable doors for unloading pans and cleaning with ease
  • Ergonomic handles positioned for easy transportation
  • Airtight with changeable gasket locks
  • Thick foam core insulation
  • Stackable for convenience and space utility
  • High loading capacity
  • Provision for go-cart
  • Digital display for temperature


Success Story:

The X05 has especially found success among bakeries in Kerala and Hyderabad, where pastries and cakes have retained shape and freshness when they are transported from the base kitchen all the way to customers across the city, including the airport, despite extremely humid external weather conditions.


  • Transport and storage of dry snacks (puffs, pastries, samosas, donuts, and tandoor dishes)
  • Transport and storage of semi fluid items
  • Transport and storage of marinated meats (cold)
  • Transport and storage of rice
  • Transport cakes and pastries


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