This model is the first in a series of electric pan carriers offered by HBI. Its plug-in ability allows food storage forlonger periods of time, and can therefore be used to transport food across distances. X06 can also be plugged to vehicle batteries for powering as well. Think bigger, better, and eco-friendly.


  • Water proof power switch for safety
  • Electronic numeric pad to set temperature
  • Electrical plug adapter 220V
  • Detachable doors for unloading pans and cleaning with ease
  • Ergonomic handles positioned for easy transportation
  • Airtight with changeable gasket locks
  • Thick foam core insulation
  • Stackable for convenience and space utility
  • High loading capacity
  • Provision for go-cart


Success Story:

The X06 has become synonymous with high quality in the hospitality industry. Hospitality businesses and online meal suppliers in Mumbai have used the X06 to transport food from the base kitchen to various customer outlets, ensuring safe, impeccable storage and maximum retention of flavour.


  • Transport for long distances, such as from base kitchens to outlets across the city
  • Hygienic storage of a range of food items including: rice, curry, pastries, and much more!


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