T07 Series

A multi-faceted container, the T07 series is the go-to carrier to transport and serve all kinds of food, from liquid to semi-liquid and solid foods! Its unique cylindrical shape makes for elegant presentation that retains flavour, and is extremely hygienic! Crafted out of our Grade A HDPE material, with SS inners, we guarantee that the true nature of the food prepared will be held for more than 12 hours! Our most popular product, the T07 is the solution to all your food transport and presentation woes!

The T07 is available in 4 sizes, as per the occasion:

  • 9L
  • 15L
  • 30L
  • 50L


  • Stackable for convenience and space utility
  • Thick foam core insulation
  • Stainless steel interiors
  • Sizes 9L and 15L equipped with dispensers for hot/cold items, including beverages like tea, coffee, cold drinks
  • Coloured red and green to designate vegetarian and non-vegetarian food
  • Pressure releaser included for safety


The T07 model has been widely implemented across the country, in many NGOs and government organisations across India, especially for midday meal programs. It is also used for all kinds of purposes. Several mobile canteens use the T07 barrel for the easy and convenient transport of food. In areas where kitchens cannot be established, such as on hikes or treks, several mobile canteens serve hot and fresh idlis and vadas that are just as good as when they were first made. The halwais of Mumbai use the T07 in order to preserve the nature of their sweets, including moong halwa and a variety of milk sweets, which otherwise are easily perishable. Merchant ships prefer to use T07 for its spill-proof, tight-laid design which allows for easy storage of liquid items in the high seas. Of course, the T07 is also a go-to product for celebrations all over India, because it is able to preserve the characteristics of the food contained, which is not available anywhere else!


  • Transport and storage of hot/cold beverages
  • Transport and storage of rice
  • Transport and storage of liquid items (e.g. curry, gravy)
  • Transport and storage of solid food (e.g. cooked vegetables)
  • Transport and storage of perishables (e.g. milk products)


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