L Series

When items are cold, there is only one container you need– the L Series.  No other box can give you the lasting effects that ours can. This is because the insulation provided in the L Series is extra thick.  No more melting, no more thawing, and no more mess! It’s not just a mere box; it’s an ice box, in the truest sense!

The L Series is available in 3 sizes, as per the occasion:

  • L35
  • L50
  • L120


  • 300g insulation per litre to preserve temperature for extended periods of time
  • Rubberised locks that are easy to use and last long
  • Uses Grade A HDPE material


Success Story:

The L Series has been used across India for a variety of purposes. Catering companies find L Series the best choice when it comes to transportation of frozen items, such as ice, ice cream, and marinated meats. Supermarkets use our iceboxes to distribute frozen meat, such as chicken, from their manufacturing unit to various distribution centres. Most popular is the L35, which allows for easy storage and transportation of frozen foods for up to a week without melting! Though it is on the heavier side, we guarantee quality. After all, we believe that quality and hygiene are what makes the food shine!


  • Use of cold chain logistics
  • Storage of ice up to -20ºC
  • Transport of frozen items such as ice cream, without any melting
  • Transport and storage of frozen vegetables and meats
  • Transport of cold meats such as marinated barbeque items without loss of flavour and freshness
  • Distribution of cold items from manufacturing units to various outlets


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